1. what makes your company different from other companies?We take the approach that every shipment is unique. Every shipment needs special attention and pricing that you will not get anywhere else. We earn your business with every shipment.
  2. I did everything you asked, but I still got a bill from the carrier.? Mistakes can happen. Please call our customer service department and we will request a copy of the bill you received. Our customer service staff will take care of it immediately and have the charges properly credited. This usually occurs when the Predex courier was not supplied to the driver upon pick up, but it can also be an honest mistake by the carrier.


  3. Packaging, what is the right way??

    When you package, crate or stack on pallets remember to secure it, to prevent damage. Secure your product to the pallet with any of the following – banding, shrink-wrap or stretch-wrap. You can purchase those products on our buy supplies page. Improper packaging can void a carrier’s liability for a damage claim. Labels must be placed on every piece or package. Learn more shipping tricks

  4. Can you guarantee transit times?The easy answer? YES. Transit times are guaranteed only if marked so on your quote page. Any other transit times noted are typically reliable, but not guaranteed. Guaranteed service costs more. Posted transit times do not include the day of pickup, only transit to destination. If you need Guaranteed Service, we can quote it.